4 My own words of ‘wisdom’ ;-)

You believe you’ve been taught to know the truth? What if your teachers were wrong?

The ‘truth’ exists only in so far as human consciousness has invented the concept.

Seeing as how reality is subjective and relative, dependent entirely on the interpretations of the perceiver, can there be any discernible difference between ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’?

Facts can’t be proven not to be illusions. Illusions can’t be proven not to be real. Actually, nothing can be proven nor disproven to be anything other than what it appears to be, but we have no way of knowing whether what appears before us is real or imagined. You cannot even prove that you exist.

Cultural beliefs about the nature of the universe – which I believe to be, by and large, incorrect on the basis that it is an unknowable thing and an absurdity for us to believe we can know it – impose conditions upon us that are impossible to live by without great suffering. We are encouraged by some philosophies to live freely, but we cannot because the consequences of expressing ourselves freely within a culture of restriction are grave. Therefore, we have no choice but to suffer because we are enslaved by these restrictions – restrictions which are based on errors of belief, accompanied by the intolerant and inflexible attitude most people employ in the loyalty of their beliefs. Ignorance and intolerance are not love (aka acceptance); they are manifestations of hate (aka rejection). Human society is, therefore, in my view, a matrix of hate, and one we are unlikely to escape because hardly anyone is really trying to change the situation – they might think they are, but all they’re doing, by trying to impose (through punishment for transgression) their version of utopia, is perpetuating their own brand of ignorance and intolerance, and thereby upholding the matrix of hate and fear. But this does not only affect society – it affects the individual, whose relationship with him/herself is a matrix of self-hate, and this is why self-acceptance is necessary for other-acceptance.

In teaching children how to be adults, they are really being taught how not to be children. It’s as if our culture regards childhood as a problem to be solved, a defect to be fixed.

In civilizing children, crimes against nature are committed.

It’s a shame we can’t behave as nature intends, but society won’t allow it.

I think it’s almost impossible to grow up in Western society without acquiring a pathological attitude to sexuality.

Engaging with pornography is having a relationship with one’s disgust of their own sexuality.

I believe it likely that promiscuous bisexuality is humanity’s default sexuality, but millennia of systematic genophobic brain-washing has convinced the majority of us that we’re heterosexuals who will be completely fulfilled – nay, happy! – with one, life-long partner.

Monogamy = private ownership = slavery. It is also, I feel sure of it, unnatural. This dude agrees. So does this guy. Here’s another and another.

Education = indoctrination. The goal of the education system is intellectual and behavioural compliance. It dictates beliefs to the masses. It views alternative thought as pathological. It produces narrow-minded thinkers whose thought is biased towards the beliefs of the intellectual elite, the arbiters of thought. Not only does it produce minds that are resistant to ideas that contradict their learned prejudices, but it produces minds that belligerently defend concepts that have been acquired by passive reception, by spoon feeding, rather than proactively acquired through rational internal debate following investigation and impartial comparison of all known possibilities. In other words, most people don’t actually understand what they are defending! The education system produces parrots and puppets, intellectual slaves who exhibit the traits of victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

To minds that have been conditioned to accept a narrow, inflexible definition of reality, an awful lot of stuff won’t make sense.

People who are in Fear Consciouness (nearly everyone) are afraid of life… and yet, they are afraid of death. How strange.


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