My lucid dream experience – no.1


I had a lucid dream a few weeks ago. I’d been trying for a while and finally it happened. (The night of 21 October 2016, for future reference.)

The most significant aspect of it was how benevolent the people were. I still feel humbled, as well as reassured, by their kindness. It was as if they were there just for me – to show me round, to provide what I wanted. It was as if they were waiting patiently for instruction from me about what I wanted them to do, which I didn’t say but thought – they responded to my thoughts.

There was a theme of introduction, exploration and of welcome – that is, they were welcoming me to the world of lucid dreaming and I was exploring it. I felt curious and amazed. I was thinking: “Wow, I’m having a lucid dream.”

When I woke in the dream – that is, when I realised I was in a dream – I found myself in an in an industrial, agricultural setting – a working farm, sort of. The interior of the building was quite barren with concrete floors and the yard outside, which was fenced in, was also concrete. I was walking around and through in the same manner one walks around and through a stately home. It was like a self-directed tour.

I now wonder whether it was plain because I hadn’t ‘decorated’ it, ie: my mind needs to fill the setting with content? Maybe next time?

There were people all around, just standing there. Most were recognizable as modern people but some were medieval. All of them were looking at me, watching me. They had closed-mouth smiles on their faces, like Mona Lisa. It was as if they were waiting for instruction from me to act, as if I were a film director and they were actors waiting for instruction.

People responded to my thoughts about what I wanted in the dream and then they acted. It was as if they were my dream servants, catering to my whims. And they were kind. Very kind.

There was a moment when it could have turned nasty but that was very much my choice and I turned it down. I walked through a room with torture instruments. There were two men, rather fat, middle-aged – they looked like road workers. They were standing on the side, leaning on something and smiling the Mona Lisa smile. They were waiting for me to respond positively to this torture chamber, in which case they would have become nasty and played the part of my torturers. But I walked past and they didn’t act.

How did I know I was in a dream? I just ‘knew’. It had a different quality to ‘normal’ dreams – for one thing, I was aware that things were different from the physical world. At one point I walked through the same room twice despite being on a linear path – ie, I walked out of the room, up the stairs and into the same room at the top of the stairs, which of course is impossible in real life. I thought to myself: “Well, if I needed any proof that I’m dreaming [which I didn’t] this is it.” In dreams, when the physically impossible happens we don’t question it until we wake up but in the dream I was aware of the physical impossibility of the event.

Another striking aspect was that for the whole time someone was behind me, shadowing me. An entity or a person was about a foot behind me. I wanted to turn around to see who or what it was but I sensed that would be a bad thing. It would be crossing some sort of protocol or something. There was a sense of power or authority with this entity or person.

As I was waking up to ‘real’ life I felt someone kiss the top of my head. It felt very real. I thought it was my husband. I had the sensation of lying horizontally across the bed but when I came to full consciousness I was in the correct position in the bed so my head was inches from the wall and no physical human could have kissed my head that way (unless they were leaning through the wall!). Anyway, my husband was downstairs. The person/entity who kissed my head didn’t speak but I felt an attitude that said: “There you are. There’s a lucid dream for you.”

This was a deliberate lucid dream. In the past I’ve had experiences of waking in dreams and being aware that I was dreaming. Most involved an OBE (out of body experience). They were frightening. There was a feeling of a malevolent force trying to suck my soul and I had to fight to wake up so I could continue to live. They were very much of the ‘sleep paralysis’ variety (but the malevolent entity was at the bottom of the bed rather than on my chest as is common with sleep paralysis experiences).

Was this malevolent force the same entity that was behind me in my recent lucid dream and was kind (though powerful)?

I now wonder whether all dream characters are neutral and our mind makes them good or bad.

I hope to have more lucid dreams. I’ve got some mugwort, so let’s see what happens…

The image I’ve chosen doesn’t adequately represent the dream – I couldn’t find one. Maybe I should paint one?


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