The Lost, part 1


(Hmmm, I didn’t go back to this… too many ideas to organise…)

A friend asked what I think about lap-dancing. In trying to explain my viewpoint I’ve ended up with a lot of words so I’m separating it out into:

1: My general attitude to the sickness of our society.
2: My attitude to the sexual aspects of pornography.
3: My attitude to the control of uncivilzed behaviour.

So, here is Part 1, my general attitude to the sickness of our society:

We are all innocent children who have been corrupted. Not one of us escapes.

The whole of the adult world, in its collective ignorance, colludes in the corruption of its children; and we children adopt its ideolgy and thereby maintain our own corrupted state – even defending it – and we pass it on to the next generation. It is a group exercise in Stockholm Syndrome.

Within the corrupted adult is a traumatised child. The greater the corruption, the greater the trauma. Even the most well-behaved is still damaged… by negativity of some sort, by ignorance. Beneath the adult exterior is the child we once were, but we have forgotten who we once were, and still are if we can find our way back there. In this inspirational video that I love, called Breaking the Illusion of Limitation there is a quote I love: “You are the same soul who was born all those years ago but with years of conditioning clouding your sense of self.”

We are like sea birds caught in an oil slick. Inside the actor (that is, the innocent soul taking on the guise of a civilized adult) is a trapped spirit longing for freedom.

The corruption of the traumatised child manifests in the adult in innumerable dysfuntional ways. Because people are sick, so-called ‘wrong’ actions are manifestations of illness and error in judgement rather than malicious intent. In other words, they are mistaken and confused rather than evil. Usually, people are just trying to relieve themselves of their distress… yes, even when it comes to sexual misbehaviour: it’s pain relief.

Among those who tend to toe the line (ie, tend not to behave in socially unacceptable ways), that in itself is how they manifest their dysnfunctional way of being; that is, living their adult lives as if they are still children under the control of authoritarian parents. They live their lives around what they believe they are allowed to do. They live their lives in fear of censure. They think this makes them a ‘good citizen’. They think this is altruism, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as a corruption of altruism because it keeps everyone trapped in their misery-inducing, fear-addled matrices of oppressive beliefs. Plus, it’s cowardly to not have the courage to live honestly, and sly to hide cowardice behind a self-rightiousness pretence of self-sacrifice. Being a ‘good citizen’ gets confused with martyrdom, which is masochistic in character. A far better way of being altruistic is to help other people live freely.

Obedience for the sake of obediance is not a sign of good psychological health; it is a sign of very poor psychological health. But so is rebellion for the sake of rebellion. What’s needed is judicial agreement and judicial refusal to comply. What’s missing in the average person is the wisdom to apply such judgment.

Suppression of the manifestation of corrupted Man’s misery is not the solution to our collective, and personal, difficulties. It’s part of the problem. It exacerbate the fear and the fury. Fear begets fear. Hate begets hate. Contemptuous, punitive actions against ‘wrong’-doers is as much a manifestation of corruption and illness as is the ‘wrong’ deed. If you want to use the word ‘evil’, then punishing evil is itself evil.

Everytime  parent hits a child as a form of punishment or a form of education (‘teaching them right from wrong’!) they commit an act of evil. They traumatise the child and teach him/her to obey out of fear of punishment – not for altruistic reasons related to good and bad! Not because they care about other people’s welfare, but because they fear for their own.

You can’t legislate for people to behave kindly and respectfuly – they have to feel that way to behave that way. We don’t need more legislation to control people’s behaviour. We need more intelligent thinking from a perspective of compassion rather than fear and hate.

The solution is a transformation of attitude. Love begets love.

Aristotle said something about good people not needing rules.

Jesus said something about being like a child if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven.

People have known for millennia what the solution is, but it is not applied in large enough numbers to make a difference on a large scale.

The solution is: repair the damage that was done to the child so the lost adult can reconnect with their joie de vivre.

Joyful people don’t mistreat others, or themselves. The wretched do. The solution is to save ourselves from our own wretchedness. You could say that we would be performing a wonderful public service, because we would contribute joyful energy, instead of wretched energy, into the collective whole.

In an adult world of childlike hearts, pornography and our myriad other forms of dysfuntion wouldn’t exist because no one would think them up.

Instead of tinkering with the detail of a dysfunctional belief system, we need a wholesale revolution in consciousness.

Since one’s attitude towards others is a reflection of one’s attitude towards self, the revolution must start with one’s self. People need to be kind and respectful towards themself. They need to let go of the authoritarian parent they have internalised that dampens their joie de vivre and keeps them trapped in the psychosis of a traumatised toddler trying to survive in a hostile (aka fear-addled) world where natural self-expression is strangled in their efforts to please other people’s psychotic demands. When a person loves themself they can love others. When they stop imposing draconian attitudes on themselves, they will stop agreeing to others’ oppressive demands, and they will stop demanding it from others. If everyone could be that way the majority of our social problems would cease to exist.

If this ‘good deed’ starts with the self, you could say it’s our public duty to heal ourselves, that it’s our public duty to wake up.

Wake up. Open your eyes. Open your mind.




Hmmm, some of 3 slipped in there… well, let’s see what happens when I get to sorting out part 3.

Namaste x

(image c/r: Getty)


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