Trust yourself


I’m sick of the hypocrisy we’re expected to live out. I’m sick of trying to conform to a prescribed reality that doesn’t suit me, and sick not being ‘happily’ resigned to other people’s ideas about what’s ‘supposed’ to make me happy… and be grateful, to boot. Sick of living in a world of intelligent people educated into having a narrow-minded understanding of reality and being too stupid to question what they’ve been taught, but to believe it as a sort of secular gospel. Sick of being surrounded by people who seem not to mind that they have been engineered into being morons.

As Alan Watts (20thC British philosopher) said: you can educate yourself out of the ignorance you were educated into. Most won’t because they trust their teachers. They’re blind fools.

This post is prompted by this artwork I saw on Facebook and shared, which got a response which has engendered these words. To me, the words in this artwork speak of having the courage to follow your own instincts instead of being guided by protocol. There is a risk in non-conformity, of course, which is isolation through rejection by your peers.

Well, tough shit. I’m so fed up with the nonsense of our society that I’d rather lose all my so-called ‘friends’ (who are only really friends if I play the ‘game’ of conforming to the bullshit, of pretending to be ‘good’ because everyone’s so afraid of the consequences of being ‘naughty’, not having outgrown the fear of punishment imposed on us during our childhood) and be honest about who I am, which is not necessarily the person I’m ‘supposed’ to be, or one who is ‘approved of’ by society.

Only misery can be got in trying to conform to the prescribed ‘civilized’ version of reality, which is Machiavellian and Puritanical in nature. We go along with it and pretend to be happy to avoid offending others.

Well, I’m fed up with pretending the emperor is wearing clothes when he is plainly starkers.

A person needs guts to be an individual in a crowd of hostile Puritans, to not care about others’ opinions, to live by their own moral code instead of the pathetic one we’re forced to live by that causes us to suppress our true natures, makes us cowards, and causes all manner of illness, violence, depression, addiction et al.

So, it’s about having the guts to do what’s ‘right’ for you, to stop sacrificing your own happiness to conform to others’ ideas of how you ‘ought’ to behave, and sod everyone else’s opinion.

It’s about trusting your instincts instead of your indoctrinated thoughts, free from the fear that has been indoctrinated into you, and fed daily, by a sick culture. It’s about having to guts to stand up and do that instead of cowering like the rest of the hypnotised sheep.

So there! 😉


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