Just a thought (a bit of a dream, really)


Life is about negotiating mind/minefields of attitude/belief, both good (dreams, hopes) and bad (fears, aversions).

We’re all trying to conform to myriad imaginary stereotypes that we imagine others expect us to conform to, while demanding that they conform to ours. We’re shunned or attacked when we don’t conform to their expectations of us, and we feel aggrieved and justified in shunning or attacking when they don’t conform to ours.

A problem is, we’re confused about the contradictory stereotypes we’re expected to fulfil, because nothing’s clear-cut. If only we could wipe the slate clean and start again – in a sane society, with sane parents, and not have our minds programmed by fuck-wits who infect us with their insanity.

The trick is to be free of the concern of it… to not care what anyone thinks… to stop trying to please others… to stop trying to earn love… to risk exclusion and censure… to be a lone wolf in a pack of snivelling sychophants… to say “Sod you,” to the Devil, “I won’t trade my soul for the admiration of others… it’s WAY too high a price to pay… so ya-boo to you.”

Namaste x


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