Jenny’s manifesto


I can tell, from conversations I have with friends, that I am misunderstood, so here is a description of where I’m coming from:

What I’m advocating is that we dispense with fantasy; that we understand ourselves from a rational point of view; that we operate from a rational  understanding of who we actually  are (mammals hard-wired according to the laws of Nature) rather than a fantasy  of who we think we ought  to be (robots obedient to the artificial laws of Civilization).

From this viewpoint will flow love, peace, tolerance, compassion and justice (true  justice, based on love and compassion, rather than fear as is currently the situation), which will dissolve the atmosphere of hate, war, intolerance, cruelty, condemnation and moral idiocy we currently operate in.

Yes, it’s idealistic, but I prefer it as an optimum way of being that will lead us away from suffering and towards happiness, away from slavery and towards freedom… freedom to love, freedom to enjoy our existence, unrestricted by Puritanical morality and Machiavellian governance.

Namaste x



2 thoughts on “Jenny’s manifesto

    • Thanks for reading and replaying.

      It depends who I’m interacting with. Mostly, I find everyone I know to be conservative and that includes those who dress as if they’re bohemian and speak as if they believe themselves to be liberal. They argue against me, defending an ideology that limits their freedom. I find that quite confusing. I even have arguments with people who defend hitting children as a means of ‘teaching’ them how to be polite and socially well-adjusted!

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