You are probably a moron


But don’t worry, you’re not alone… you’re surrounded by a like-minded crowd.

Why do I say this? I don’t mean it as an insult. I mean it as a helpful statement of fact.

Here’s my logic…

Beliefs are acquired passively as a byproduct of being immersed in a.n.other culture and having our minds conditioned within said culture, right?

Rarely are beliefs acquired through a process of critical analysis. That comes later in the guise of post-rationalisation and is in defence of beliefs already in residence in our minds. Rather, they are accepted unquestioningly and are, therefore, defended irrationally.

Is that using our minds intelligently? I’d say it’s not using our minds very much at all. I’d say it’s being pretty damn stupid.

‘Moron’ is defined by Oxford as “a stupid person”.

Need I say more?

These beliefs that we hold so true, so sacred, so worthy of persecution of our fellow humans, are not of our choosing.

Let me repeat that: we have not chosen  what we believe.

Most would argue there’s nothing to choose between: truth is truth. And everyone takes for granted that the beliefs of their group are correct and other cultures / families / people are wrong. We can’t all be right, though. It might be you  who is wrong. Ever thought of that?

(That’s assuming for a nano-second that there’s such a thing as right and wrong, but that’s a whole other argument.)

What occurs in the belief-acquisition process, during which we accept ideas without question, is: indoctrination. Plain and simple. And we collude by dint of our lack of resistance. It’s yer textbook blind leading the blind.

Pretty moronic, huh?

Maybe you prefer the word ‘hypnotised’ over indoctrination.

It makes no difference. That’s just semantics.

We could actually believe in anything. Anything at all. It all depends on the psychic environment our minds are crafted in. We let beliefs in  by non-resistance. Why wouldn’t we? We trust our teachers (by which I mean parents, family, peers, the media and the world at large, not just our school teachers) and we have nothing to compare them with when they first start arriving in our infant minds. But once lodged in there, it is those beliefs we use to compare all new information with, and we keep and discard according to the basic set.

Very few of us stop to think: “Hang on a minute… is this right? Good? In my/our best interests?” Why would we? We don’t have the wherewithal as children to be so discerning.

And that’s the crux of it: the beliefs we live our lives by as adults by were formed in childhood.

And these beliefs rule our lives!!! By living by beliefs we have passively, unquestioningly, acquired we are being mindless. Moronic.

To take the argument further…

We live our lives through our ego, right? An ego is a manifestation of beliefs (see my earlier post re the sandwich of desires, mind conditioning and behaviour). If we have acquired our beliefs in a moronic fashion, then our ego – as the means by which we manifest our beliefs – is moronic.

We are governed by an internal moron. Our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviour… all filtered through a mindset acquired in a moronic fashion.

I’m thinking: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Elsewhere I refer to these beliefs / ideas / memes as ‘conquistadors’ (here are links: one and two).

No doubt you, like everyone else in Western society at varying times of existence, are struggling to fit yourself – thoughts, feelings, behaviour, lifestyle, relationships – into your matrix of beliefs. You are trying to conform (even though you may believe yourself to be an ‘individual’ – HA! Deluded or what?) to what you believe is the right  way to think, feel and behave.

And no doubt you are failing.

What can we do about this sorry state of affairs?

We can ditch the beliefs, rather than contort ourselves to fit into them. We can declare that we no longer wish to be dictated to by a moron! We can start to think for ourselves, and question the beliefs we believe only because other people  (aforementioned teachers) want us to believe them.

Recently a friend accused me of over-thinking. I say the problem isn’t that I over-think, but that others under-think. Is not thinking about your acquired beliefs, but passively accepting them, the easy route? It sure is. But, in an environment of dodgy beliefs (which is my viewpoint of the culture of the Western world) it is the modus operandus that will guarantee you suffering because, sooner or later – if not frequently – relentlessly, perhaps – your natural inclinations and your artificial beliefs will come into conflict.


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