The Superego: Breaking free of a false god

It’s interesting how things come our way in a timely fashion, isn’t it? The other day I blogged about the superego as a God archetype (Supego as a God archetype) and suggested we reimagine a cruel superego into a loving one.

Today I discovered this fascinating blog post. Check it out.

I particualrly like these quotes:

‘It is my feeling that the inner conflict between the voice of the superego and our true heart’s desire is the source of all the variations of neurosis we human beings experience.’

‘The superego is often a composite of generations of unhealed WOUNDS that we then unconsciously believe is a correct “manual” to guide us about what is right or wrong to do. Shocking, isn’t it!’

It says beautifully what my mind has been labouring to figure out for what seems like ages.

An interesting thing that came to light is that if we perceive that our superego hates us (ie, we experience self-hatred as part of the artefact of mind conditioning we call the superego) then hating our superego is not a solution to the problem of inner conflict because we are still experiencing self-hatred, since our superego is an integrated part of us. We need to love our superego, even though it seems to persecute us and it compels us to do things that lead to further self-hatred – it believes it’s doing what’s right for us.

That reminds me of a poem I wrote ages ago, called For the Love of Lucifer.

The thing is, our superego is a personalised parent archetypes and its formation depends upon our experience of being parented. Many people have a bad time with their parents and their personality development is affected negatively. But… on the whole, parents don’t knowingly do ‘wrong’… they believe they are doing the right thing, but very often they are mistaken in their beliefs.


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