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So I have several posts in mid-edit, mid-flow. It’s frustrating to not get things finished, but more and more ideas feed into each idea and after a while it all gets a bit unwieldy.

Here’s a quickie, though. I’m working on a post about learning to love ourselves and healing our emotional wounds by imagining our perfect mother and then being that person to ourselves in a sort of surrogate way (for those of us who weren’t blessed with being nurtured by a loving mother during our formative years).

It’s inspired by a video I’ve watched a couple of times, called Go Beyond Self-doubt and Guilt: a guided meditation to welcome the Divine Mother.

In my post I was saying about not to worry that such a paragon of loving maternal virtue can’t exist in the real world of human fallibility – she’s your own personal imaginary mama and she can be anyone you want her to be.

That reminded me of Depeche Modes’ Personal Jesus (sound and vision here), so I read the lyrics and they’re apt:

‘Someone to hear your prayer… someone who cares… someone who’s there… you know I’m a forgiver… reach out and touch faith…’

Ok, so one idea led to another (as is the way of the mind) and, to cut a long story short, I got to The Cult’s Brother Wolf Sister Moon lyrics and they’re apt for the personal work I’m referring to here (that is, when you’re being called to challenge your mind conditioning, to defy your inner critic / superego / tyrant):

‘Embrace the wind with both arms
Stop the clouds dead in the sky
Hang your head no more
And beg no more
Brother wolf and sister moon
Your time has come….
And the wind will blow my fears away
Will dry my tears away’

I’d post a link but it’s a bit of a dirge to listen to so here’s the immensely amazing She Sells Sanctuary instead, with – of course! – apt lyrics:

‘I’m sure in her you’ll find the sanctuary’

Good luck to everyone who’s on the journey to rearrange their mind conditioning and heal their emotional wounds. Don’t give up. x

(Why is this post illustrated by a mugshot of beautiful Carl McCoy (lead singer of Fields of the Nephilim)? Because this is who my own personal Jesus looks like!)

And the illustration below? Superficially it’s a self-indulgent reference to my Goth-youth heritage, but on a deeper (or higher?) level I guess you could say it’s a message about a mission we can choose to follow, which is to reject the self-hatred that has been brainwashed into us, and to accept God’s medicine, which is something to do with the emotional pain that’s necessary to heal wounds so that love and self-acceptance become possible.

The-Mission-Gods-Own-Medicine-Front Jasa


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