Free me from the Freeze

This morning this artwork from Wild Alchemist popped up on my Facebook page. I like it so much I’ve put it on my desktop (superimposed on a deep blue sea).


It resonates because I’ve been pondering the nature of belief. I’ve also been pondering, and reading about, and trying to achieve, converting negative thinking into positive thinking. And I’ve been reading about addiction to suffering (read Peter Michaelson’s blog on the subject; Eckhart Tolle, too).

I tend to agree with the idea that our internal distress, and the anti-social behaviour that results from it, is caused by negative beliefs about ourselves.

So what are the words on this artwork saying? Something about stuckness, rigidity, entrapment, immutability.

As far as we currently know, our minds are programmed to ‘believe’, ie: to make decisions that enable us to act (fight, flight or embrace). I don’t think we can believe in nothing. But we do seem to be immovable once we’ve decided something. We do have a tendency to believe that our beliefs are facts and we shape our perceptions around our acquired beliefs, matching our sensory inputs with stored data and shaping our interpretations according to the best match we can muster. It appears we’re hard-wired for that.

How can we become fluid-minded, I wonder? How can we think like water instead of ice?

If anyone has an answer, let me know.

By the way, the title of this post comes from one of my favourite songs: Freeze by All About Eve. Watch and listen here.

And sing along… ‘You’re like a favourite saint,  kept alive in prayer and paint.  One looked a lot like you… saucer-eyed and stoned and out of the blue…’



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