Is it reasonable to believe The Big Bang theory?

The Powers That Be want us to believe the universe spontaneously manifested from nothing. They don’t want us to believe in the action of intelligent design.

At the heart of science is knowledge through observation. I ask you, dear reader, in your career of observing your reality, how many material objects have you encountered that spontaneously appeared from nothing? Because, as far as I’m aware, I haven’t encountered a single one and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me for not considering the idea that things may spontaneously materialise in my conscious awareness. I mean, the chair I’m sitting on, the keyboard I’m typing on: am I a fool to believe they came about as a result of intelligent design? I didn’t see them being made, after all; they were merely here when I arrived at the cafe. Am I guilty of making assumptions and assuming them to be truths? That’s not very scientific, is it?

Isn’t it a curiousity that, on the whole, most believe the concept of spontaneous generation to be preposterous based on the assumption that it’s impossible, yet most are willing to accept The Big Bang theory?

I’m not saying I believe in the intelligent design theory for the creation of the universe (though it has not been verified, only assumed, to have a beginning and therefore to have been created). Indulge me, though. Apply reason for a few moments: consider the two main explanations presented to us: intelligent design vs spontaneous manifestation from nothing. Base your thinking on your own experience of living thus far, of your personal history of empirical observation; forget what you have been told to believe, and ask yourself: which is the more plausible?

Here’s an alternative theory. It proposes that the early universe was a liquid that crystallised into solid matter.

Here’s another article about alternatives. I like this quote in it re political agendas being the cause for stubbornly clinging to a dodgy theory: ‘Is it cosmological laziness or just the fact that too much time, money, and energy have been put into a theory that has been presented as fact?’


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